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As well as being a church and a cafe, Kahaila is also a charity.

We want to take an active role in addressing issues that affect us locally, nationally and beyond. Over the years, we have helped to establish four different charitable projects, of which we currently still run three: Essence, Ella’s and Brew. In May 2019, Luminary Bakery became an independent charity, called Luminary Ltd.

You can find out more information, and how to get in contact with Essence, Ella’s and Brew through the links below.

We are always interested to hear of new projects to support and work with, so please do let us know of any that interest you.



Essence are based in a women’s prison delivering non-formal education through accredited and innovative Life Skills courses, outreach, mentoring, and pastoral support to women in prison and as they resettle back into the community upon their release. Through our work we aim to empower women to break free from the destructive cycles they are caught in – equipping them with new skills, aspirations and hope for the future. We hope to aid successful resettlement and reduce re-offending.


Facebook: Kahaila Essence

Twitter: @kahaila_essence

Instagram: @kahaila_essence


Ella’s works with women exiting situations of trafficking and exploitation in residential and outreach capacities. Ella’s is a safe house providing a welcoming and supportive place of recovery for women. Ella’s offers an appropriate time frame and holistic plan for recovery and supports them back into life, community and freedom. Ella’s also offers comprehensive support and advocate for women in accessing healthcare, immigration support, social services, pastoral and spiritual care, counselling, life skills development, English language teaching and employability training.


Facebook: Ella’s

Twitter: @ellascharity


Kahaila Brew

Kahaila Brew is an 8 week course designed for those who have experienced homelessness. Covering barista skills, customer service, CV writing and job interview techniques, the aim is to equip people with the skills needed for the speciality coffee industry to assist them getting a job, thereby ending the cycle of homelessness. The course also includes work experience in our busy East London cafes.




Our projects and the church exist and survive due to the generosity of people. Giving your money, your time or your expertise could make a great difference to the work that we do. If you feel able to give financially, there are two ways you can give; you can click below to set up a monthly donation via Direct Debit or, if you prefer, you can make a donation in person at our Brick Lane or Aldgate Cafes. Thank you.


If you are interested in volunteering at Kahaila Cafe please email Andy.

If you would like to participate in any of the Kahaila Charity Projects, please email them directly through the links above.

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