Kahaila is a space where community can happen. We want to give all our customers a place to relax, get to know people and enjoy excellent entertainment and new activities.


About us


Kahaila is a not just a Cafe, it’s many things.

It is a Church. We want to create an inclusive environment where all belong and all are free to explore the Christian faith.

It is a Charity. We want to take an active role in addressing issues that affect us locally, nationally and beyond. We have set up four different charitable projects: Reflex, Luminary Bakery, Ella’s home and Brew. 

Kahaila Crowdfunder Appeal

As a community, a charity and a church, we have been able to have a profound impact on the lives of hundreds of people in Tower Hamlets and East London. To help us operate, we have benefitted from paying charitable rates in our Brick Lane café, as we do in our premises in the City of London and in Hackney.

However, Tower Hamlets Council have recently reversed this decision and have demanded that we now pay business rates in our Brick Lane Café. They have also asked for retrospective payments for the last 3 years, totalling £32,000. Despite suggesting a repayment plan, we have been told that we need to pay £15,000 before the end of March.

As a non-profit café, and a charity, we are going to struggle to be able to raise this amount of money in the café in the short amount of time that we have. This is where you can come in. Please help us in raising the £15,000 we need to so that we can continue to have a positive impact in our local community. If you would like to give, please click on the link here: Save Kahaila Brick Lane

Thank you


What People are Saying

Funky Cafe

“…I immediately felt a welcoming and friendly atmosphere from the staff & a fellow customer who recommended the carrot cake. Both coffee and the cake were top class.”

“Very nice place with very tasty choices. The staff was very polite and friendly. I definitely recommend it for a morning coffee and brunch!”

“Bought an American friend here on Tuesday. She loved it. We are local so have been a few times and always have a great experience.”


“The cakes are amazing. We always stop for tea and cake when in the area. Service is fast and the staff very friendly. And have I mentioned how nice the cakes are.”

Opening Hours


THU – TUE 09:00 - 19:00

WED 09:00 - 18:30


WEEKDAYS 07:00 - 19:00

WEEKENDS 10:00 - 16:00


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Don't be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!

Kahaila is a registered charity

Charity number 1138653

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