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Biography Sophie Harris-Taylor is a London based fine art photographer. She graduated with an MA and BA (Hons) in Photography at Kingston University. Sophie works exclusively with natural light, which lends her work an unusual softness and depth. Primarily Sophie works in portraiture, as well as commercially in the fashion and music industries, however often this crosses into documentary photography. Her work explores concepts such as vulnerability, familiarity and natural decay focusing in particular on the female form and the nature of femininity. Sophie has been exhibiting since 2006.

Artist’s Statement Exhibited here is a selection of Sophie Harris-Taylor’s ‘diary’ images, a series of noticed moments captured off the beaten track. The theme of absence is prevalent in both the ‘occupied’ and ‘empty’ spaces. When people are featured they seem to be both seamlessly part of these environments and yet overwhelmed by them. Further, the deliberate lack of narrative or context means the emotional response is supplied through the detail and structure of the composition. In this work we also see a continuation of the obsession with natural light that is present throughout Harris-Taylor’s work. This use of light manages to both give the work the depth and credibility of reality, whilst simultaneously giving it a sheen of the cinematic.

Prices All limited edition of 50. C-Type Lambda printed. 11.8” x 16.6” (300mm x 403mm) Framed £435, unframed £305