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Drones Quilt

The Drones Quilt is an advocacy project created by a peace movement known as FoR, to raise awareness about drones and remind the government that mostly, the victims of drone attacks are civilians: people who, like us, would never ask to be involved in conflict. Each square of the quilt is made by a member of the public, who writes the name of a civilian victim together with their own name, on a square of fabric. Sewn together, they create a visual petition.

The piece coincides with the launch of our first Hope Sessions event at Kahaila - a film screening and panel discussion examining the consequences of the 'War on Terror'. Our next event in this series is The Forgotten Women of Tower Hamlets.

FoR is an international movement of people who commit themselves to active nonviolence as a way of life and as a means of personal, social, economic and political transformation. Based in the Christian tradition, we were founded in 1914, and have permanent representation at the UN. The movement was founded in 1914 in response to the horrors of war in Europe. Seeing the need for healing and reconciliation in the world, the founders of the Fellowship formulated a vision of the human community based upon the belief that love and non-violence in action have the power to transform unjust political, economic and social structures. In its 100 years, the Fellowship has had 6 Nobel Peace Prize winners. 

FoR is a membership organisation, and we welcome new members: join us. The Fellowship of Reconciliation in England is based at Peace House in Oxford. Currently, we support community conflict transformation projects overseas, educate about nonviolent conflict resolution, and campaign against the use of armed drones. All this takes place from our home in Oxford: Peace House.